Piccadilly Lights

As Europe’s largest billboard, Piccadilly Lights is globally recognisable and part of the cultural fabric of London. Overlooking Piccadilly Circus, the advertisements and cultural moments on screen are seen by an estimated 100 million consumers every year. This makes Piccadilly Lights one of the most accessible public platforms in the world. 

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Piccadilly Lights became an oasis in February 2022 to raise awareness of the important environmental message behind David Attenborough’s latest documentary. Video credit to the BBC.

The Technology

The 780sq m curved screen allows advertisers to display their creative to an unparalleled audience at a resolution 1.4x greater than 4k.

The screen is divided into six windows, rotating at intervals to give each brand an equal opportunity. Every 10 minutes, one brand at a time can make a full-screen impact with a timed domination.

Empowered by the illusion of 3D-depth (enabled by Ocean Outdoor’s DeepScreenTM technology) advertisers today are pushing the boundaries on Piccadilly Lights with creative that reaches out of the screen.

Every day, Piccadilly Lights pauses advertising to connect with national cultural moments in collaboration with a wide range of organisations and individuals.

From promoting arts and culture, to supporting charitable campaigns and celebrating national moments – Piccadilly Lights is pumping positivity to the nation.

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