Our centres

From the heart of Leeds city centre, to a former chalk quarry in Kent and into Wales’s cultural capital, our full-price destinations are found across the country.

With prime locations and carefully curated offerings, our portfolio features some of the UK's most exciting retail and hospitality destinations.

Bluewater, Kent
Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow
Southside, Wandsworth
St David’s, Cardiff
Trinity, Leeds
Westgate, Oxford
White Rose, Leeds

London retail

In prime locations across the heart of the capital, our City of London and Victoria retail offering comprises a curated mix of brands that provide the best experiences. And it’s more than just convenience. These three vibrant places are where our guests go to shop, drink, relax, socialise and play.

One New Change
One New Change
Cardinal Place
New Street Square
Nova Food
One New Change
Victoria Street

Suburban retail

Three culturally rich locations with a broad mix of exciting brands. Our suburban assets offer a new opportunity to shape the next community-focused evolution of shopping, entertainment, F&B, and service-led convenience.

the o2
the o2
Lewisham Shopping Centre, Lewisham
The O2, Finchley Road
West 12, Shepherd's Bush