Our diversity and inclusion strategy

Everyone should have the same access to opportunities to do great things in life. Everyone should feel welcome, seen and heard in all the places they spend their time.

That’s why it’s essential that we represent people from all backgrounds, and that we create a culture where we can all learn and share experiences to enable us to create places where everyone feels they belong.

After all, we create the places where life happens - the places where people live, work, shop, and spend their leisure time. These places need to meet the needs and reflect the differences of the diverse people that use them - and we’ll only be able to do that if we better reflect the diversity of our communities within our own organisation.

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Diverse talent
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Inclusive culture
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Inclusive places
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Our foundations
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We will actively recruit and strive to retain and progress people from all backgrounds, at all stages of their careers. By creating opportunities for everyone to succeed, we will continue to encourage growth in our business, whilst also supporting future talent into the wider real estate industry.


  • From the data we have, we know that gender and ethnic diversity reduces the higher up the organisation you go. That’s why we’ve created targets specifically for our leader, senior leader, executive and board level populations. We’ve updated our recruitment processes for leadership roles, reviewing our job descriptions, requesting diverse shortlists and using employee interview panels to ensure a fair and inclusive process. You can see more about these targets and our progress against them on our D&I Scorecard


  • We’re providing career development programmes to support the progression of our diverse talent pipeline into management and leadership positions and recently launched new shadow boards to bring greater diversity into our decision making.

Future Talent

  • We’re offering opportunities for people from underrepresented backgrounds to join the industry through talent development and employability programmes, bursaries, internship and trainee schemes. Read more about what we are doing through our social mobility programme, Landsec Futures. 

We will continue to build a workplace culture where everyone is respected, supported and empowered to realise their full potential.

Inclusive leadership 

  • In 2023 we are piloting a reverse mentoring scheme for our executive leadership team members to learn from the experiences and insights of colleagues from underrepresented backgrounds.

Employee engagement 

  • Our four employee affinity networks, Diaspora, Hand in Hand, Landsec Pride and Landsec Women work throughout the year to make everyone feel included through their range of activities, events and campaigns.  

Training and ongoing learning 

  • We’re embedding D&I into our culture with regular D&I focused Landsec Loop Live sessions run by our employee affinity networks. 

We will design, build and manage places that meet the needs of the communities we serve. We will use our position in the industry to create positive change.

Procurement and supply chain 

  • We use our procurement processes to improve and influence D&I practices within our supply chain – we’re piloting a D&I plan for our Timber Square development, building contract specific D&I criteria into our tender processes and increasing our work with small and minority owned suppliers.


  • Our community charter is a set of commitments that we as a responsible developer and landlord must stick to in order to involve and engage our diverse communities throughout the development process and beyond. 


  • Across the places we manage and operate we are providing facilities and services that make our customers and guests feel welcome, from quiet hours for neurodiverse guests to feeding and family rooms for new parents. 

Our approach to D&I is led by data and evidence of what works and we’re putting in place greater transparency and accountability to make sure we deliver on our commitments.

Data and evidence-led

  • We use data and insights to inform our D&I work and track progress. Our live diversity dashboard is visible to all our colleagues and shares up to date insights on our recruitment, promotion and headcount trends against our D&I targets. Our employee engagement survey features an ‘Inclusion index’ which enables us to track our progress in creating an inclusive culture.

Transparency and accountability

  • Our D&I performance scorecard sets out our targets and commitments publicly so you can hold us to account against them. We will update on progress against our targets annually and our executive leadership team each have relevant D&I targets as part of their individual performance scorecards. 

Bringing our strategy to life

Supporting diverse talent within our business

‘It’s important that we create better working experiences for people now and in the future who look like me, so they can enjoy where they work and develop their careers without additional barriers. Everyone who is ethnically diverse should have an equal opportunity to succeed where they work. Not only is it important for talented ethnically diverse individuals to be seen and heard, but their expertise should positively impact decision making.’

Georgie Manly, Retail Customer Propositions Director

Creating an inclusive culture that supports our colleagues

‘Support from your employer while you go through the huge life changes involved in becoming a parent is essential. Alongside Landsec’s parental leave and pay policy, my positive experience was also down to the conversations I had with my line manager before and during maternity leave, establishing how much I wanted to be kept in the loop and how, when I was ready, I wanted to manage my transition back in.’

Zara Lockwood, External Communications Director

Promoting positive change through our inclusive places

‘I’m passionate in ensuring that Landsec continues to drive change and ensure all of our colleagues can feel represented, empowered, heard and seen. This is reflected in my role as co-chair of the Landsec Pride Network. This year we’ve worked hard to educate and promote allyship across the business – as well as to our guests at our retail destinations across the UK. One such example is the Tree of Pride, which saw a tree making its way through some of our centres, allowing guests the chance to help the tree grow by adding a Pride-related pledge to the branches, helping our aim of creating places where people feel a sense of belonging.'

Hywel Butcher, Senior Marketing and Planning Manager – UK Shopping Centre Portfolio