Our investment strategy

Our strategy addresses short-term opportunities and changes in our market sectors together with the big trends likely to affect us long term.

Our strategy is simple: we manage our businesses through property market cycles, adjusting key investment and development activities ahead of changing conditions to maximise returns and minimise risk.

Our strategy is designed to ensure we are a sustainable business through the market cycles and changing consumer demand, creating and protecting financial, physical and social value over the long term.

Market cycle

We focus on two key types of assets – mixed use buildings in London, and retail and leisure destinations in vibrant UK locations. We act early in response to changes and trends in our markets. And we help lead our industry forward on critical long-term issues.

Our business strategy is supported by a strong sustainability programme focused on creating jobs and opportunities, efficient use of natural resources, and sustainable design and innovation.

We aim to be the best property company in the UK in the eyes of the people we rely on – our customers, communities, partners and employees – using our experience to provide them with great experiences. For us, everything is experience.

Westgate Oxford
Westgate Oxford: an extraordinary new destination in the heart of historic Oxford

London Portfolio


We aim to buy assets when values are falling or low, or when we see a long-term opportunity to enhance value. We’re currently watching the market carefully, monitoring potential acquisitions. Our strong balance sheet and access to capital mean we can buy when we spot the right opportunity.


We start to develop early in the cycle so we benefit from lower construction costs, aiming to deliver completed schemes when demand is rising and supply is low. We’ve drawn our large speculative development programme to a close but have plenty of options for development and acquisitions.


We get to know our customers well so we understand their changing needs and can respond quickly. This helps us to retain occupiers and improve rental values, keeping our portfolio attractive and resilient.


We sell assets when we see better ways to use the capital. We aim to sell when there’s strong demand for the space and ahead of a turn in the cycle from demand to supply. We look to add value through asset management or refurbishment ahead of selling an asset.

Piccadilly Lights
Piccadilly Lights: Europe's largest digital screen of its kind

Retail Portfolio


We acquire when we see an opportunity to transform an under-managed property or land into a great destination for shoppers and visitors.


We create destinations where people want to spend time and return frequently. We help retailers pursue multi-channel strategies and we use new technology to enhance the shopping experience. We de-risk developments by seeking substantial pre-lettings before we start construction. And we always contribute to the local community, which helps to make our centres busy and well regarded.


We are proactive managers, constantly looking to enhance our space in line with the changing needs of our customers and communities. We continually refresh the customer mix in our destinations and work hard to create the most compelling blend of retail, leisure, food and drink.


We dispose of an asset when we see opportunities to use capital elsewhere to create better, more valuable space with greater appeal.

Junction 32
We're now the UK's leading owner-manager of outlet centres