Health and safety

We’re committed to maintaining an exceptional standard of health, safety and security in all the working environments we control. The effective management of health, safety and security is fundamental to the productivity, culture and reputation of our business.

What we’ve achieved

We provide healthy, safe and secure places for our customers to live, work, shop and relax, recognising that we can only achieve this through close collaboration with our partners, including our supply chain, investors and enforcing authorities. In February 2020 we successfully migrated to the international H&S standard ISO 45001, from the British Standard OHSAS 18001.

We’ve embarked upon an ambitious programme of mandatory health, safety and security training for all our employees, including contingent workers. The training is designed to reduce our organisational risks and comply with local or national policies and government guidelines, while encouraging our people to be risk-aware rather than risk-averse. Our new standards and systems ensure consistent competence for the safe and efficient provision of services. 

In response to the Grenfell fire in 2017, we reviewed fire safety across our entire portfolio, prioritising occupancy, height, means of escape and life-safety systems. We have since invested over £7m rectifying approximately 125,000 firestopping defects in our buildings, and £4.3m in resolving cladding risks. We continue to enhance fire safety across the portfolio and ensure we are aligned with new Government initiatives and legislation. 

This year, we completed the integration of our online compliance reporting system RiskWise. This tool provides a single accessible platform for all aspects of asset compliance data, incident statistics, development projects, permits to work and environmental management. It allows us to provide rigorous and efficient reporting to the business, as well as offering a consistent approach for managing compliance across the portfolio. We have also taken the opportunity to embrace innovative construction methods, to realise the full potential of health and safety benefits. This relates to both key design principles and on-site construction risks. 

We are working with design teams to ensure developments maximise desired operational outcomes while achieving our vision of providing healthy, safe and secure places for our customers to live, work, shop and relax.


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