Renewable energy

We are committed to increasing the amount of renewable electricity generated on our sites and pioneering low carbon technologies to improve the efficiency of our assets.

We're seeing more on-site renewable generation come to life as new developments and refurbishments complete and the technologies we specified in design are activated.

We source 100% of our electricity supplies through our corporate contract from REGO-backed renewable sources and are committed to achieving 3MW of renewable electricity capacity by 2030.

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What we’ve achieved

As of 1 April 2016, all the sites we manage are supplied by SmartestEnergy, the UK’s first officially certified 100% renewable electricity producer. And we are proud to have been the first property company to join RE100, a group of influential businesses committed to renewable energy.

Download renewable electricity certificates for properties across our portfolio

Landsec is showing its pioneering leadership by supporting the UK’s growing biomethane-to-grid industry"

Virginia Graham

Chief Executive of Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd and the Green Gas Certification Scheme

Last year our largest solar photo-voltaic system produced a quarter of a million kWh of electricity, that's enough to power over 200 average UK homes for a year. We continue to increase our renewable power capacity and in April 2018 installed a 30 kW system on the roof of Westgate, Oxford. This system will supply renewable power to the centre's lifts, escalators and lighting.

Renewable Energy

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