Renewable energy

We are committed to increasing the amount of renewable electricity generated on our sites and pioneering low carbon technologies to improve the efficiency of our assets.

We're seeing more on-site renewable generation come to life as new developments and refurbishments complete and the technologies we specified in design are activated.

Since 2016 we have sourced 100% of our electricity supplies through our corporate contract from REGO-backed renewable sources through our corporate contract with Smartest Energy, and we are looking to move our procurement towards direct purchasing from renewable projects, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).


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What we’ve achieved

As of 1 April 2016, all the sites we manage are supplied by SmartestEnergy, the UK’s first officially certified 100% renewable electricity producer. And we are proud to have been the first property company to join RE100, a group of influential businesses committed to renewable energy.

Download our 2020/21 renewable electricity certificate

Investing in Solar PV

We are also committed to increasing the amount of renewable electricity we generate on our sites with a target of achieving 3MW of renewable electricity capacity by 2030. Our current on-site renewable electricity capacity is 1.4 MW, and we are running feasibility studies for installing solar PV at three of our assets.

Solar PV

Looking forward

In our new developments, we are prioritising systems that do not rely on any form of combustion for our operations. A key solution to this are heat pumps which are playing a growing role in the delivery of low carbon heating as the grid decarbonises. This technology transfers heat from a lower temperature heat source to a higher temperature heat sink. Typically, an air source heat pump will generate around three times as much heat energy as the electricity it consumes. On Sumner Street, the bulk of our heating and cooling will be met by 2 roof mounted air source heat pumps and the electricity to power these will be 100% renewable, making this a highly efficient and combustion free system.


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