How do we achieve our mission of connecting communities, delivering sustainable places and realising potential? 

Through shaping places where people and communities want to come together to live, work, meet and play; where businesses can engage with their customers; where organisations can inspire and support their people; and where guests can experience something truly memorable.
We strive to shape our places so that they are inclusive, welcoming and can be enjoyed by everyone. This inclusive approach doesn’t only apply to the places where we invest. It’s also about the people we invest in. These are our partners, suppliers and our people.

For our business, that means attracting, retaining and promoting people from a range of backgrounds. It means doing everything we can to ensure equal opportunities for all.

This Pay Gap report – along with other mechanisms - is how we stay accountable. It helps us to measure our progress, and highlight areas that need more attention. 

The big picture

This year we’ve seen a small improvement in our Gender Pay Gap. This is being driven by increased female representation in our upper pay quartiles. Disappointingly, we’ve seen a decline in our Ethnicity Pay Gap. This has been driven by a high number of ethnic minority hires into our more junior professional and support roles over the past 12 months. At the same time, we’ve also seen a higher turnover of ethnic minority staff at management level. 

We know we can and should do better. 

Our challenge can be summed up simply. It’s one faced by many businesses: how do we attract, retain and promote women and ethnic minority staff into management roles and beyond? 

51% of our workforce are female and 17% are from ethnic minority backgrounds showing that overall we are representative of the wider UK population. But we know we need to do more to change the shape of our workforce so that we’re more representative at every level. For a business of our size, this will take time. However we’re committed to driving change – not only for our business, but for our entire industry too. 

What are we doing now and next?

Our key pay gap actions page gives more detail about what we’ve already put in place to improve the recruitment, retention and the progression of female and ethnic minority staff. You can also find much more on our wider diversity and inclusion initiatives in our 2021 diversity matters report

Early next year, we’ll also share a refreshed Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. This will embed many of the lessons we’ve learned so far, and set out our future direction, enabling us to truly deliver against the promise of our purpose. 

How do we do our reporting?

At Landsec, we regularly report on our gender pay gap. But since 2021, we’ve also gone beyond our statutory obligations to voluntarily report on our ethnicity pay gap and horizontal pay gaps too.
In the sections that follow, you’ll find more details of our latest pay gap and demographic data.