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Taking part in rigorous external benchmarking of our performance helps us to track and assess our progress. It also provides stakeholders with confidence that we’re turning our commitments and targets into action. And it underlines our ambition to be a sustainability leader in our industry.

Benchmarking scores

CDP 2018: A (Leadership)
2017: A (Leadership)
2016: A- (Leadership)
Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) 2018: score 90%
2017: score 78%
2016: score 77%
Dow Jones Sustainabililty Index (DJSI) 2018: score 73/percentile ranking 93
2017: score 75/percentile ranking 92
2016: score 76/percentile ranking 92
FTSE4Good Percentile ranking 91
We continue to retain our established position in the FTSE4Good Index
EPRA Received our fifth Gold Award from EPRA for best practice sustainability reporting
Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) 2018: score 73%
MSCI ESG rating AA
Sustainalytics Score 82/Relative position 11th out of 300
EcoAct (Previously Carbon Clear) We've again been named a climate leader, ranking 10th for all FTSE 100 companies and first for our sector

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