Dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP)

Shareholders who are resident in the UK or EEA can elect to join the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) and use their cash dividend to purchase ordinary shares in Land Securities Group PLC.  Under the DRIP, the cash dividend (after deduction of any withholding tax) will be used to buy whole shares as soon as possible after the dividend payment date, with any residual cash being carried forward and added to the next dividend payable to you.  The DRIP incurs commission costs 1% and stamp duty reserve tax, currently at 0.5%.   

This is a convenient facility provided by Equiniti Financial Services Limited. For additional information please contact: 

Dividend Reinvestment Plans
Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA 

DRIP terms and conditions

DRIP application form

For UK capital gains tax purposes, the base cost of Land Securities Group PLC ordinary shares bought on your behalf under the DRIP, for the purpose of calculating the chargeable gain or allowable loss arising on the sale, will be the price of the shares on the day they were purchased plus the stamp duty reserve tax and any transaction costs. 

Below are the purchase prices of Land Securities Group PLC ordinary shares at close of business on the dividend payment dates: 

Date End of Day Share Price
21-Jul-23 661.71
06-Apr-23 635.33
03-Jan-23 641.23
07-Oct-22 513.95
22-Jul-22 729.57
07-Apr-22 780.64
04-Jan-22 786.43
08-Oct-21 690.44
23-Jul-21 696.50
30-Mar-21 706.51
04-Jan-21 684.31
03-Jan-20 989.40
04-Oct-19 836.60
25-Jul-19 843.60
12-Apr-19 926.00
04-Jan-19 810.40
05-Oct-18 848.60
27-Jul-18 923.00
06-Apr-18 953.70
05-Jan-18 985.60
06-Oct-17 980.00
27-Jul-17 1,028.00
07-Apr-17 1,099.00
06-Jan-17 1,057.00
07-Oct-16 986.00
28-Jul-16 1,089.00
08-Apr-16 1,121.00
07-Jan-16 1,142.00
09-Oct-15 1,282.00
24-Jul-15 1,297.00
10-Apr-15 1,299.00
08-Jan-15 1,181.00
10-Oct-14 1,029.00
22-Jul-14 1,051.00
11-Apr-14 1,023.00