Enhancing nature and green spaces

We’re facing a pronounced decline in biodiversity, losing a third of all biodiversity globally, and a 19% decline in the number of species in the UK since 1970.

As our climate warms and land use pressures increase, nature – which is needed for the environment and civilisation to thrive long into the future - is at huge risk.
As one of the UK’s largest developers, we know that we can play a meaningful role in improving nature in our cities. We believe that nature and urban developments need to co-exist. That’s why we created our nature strategy to embed nature into the design, development, and management of our spaces.

St David's Cardiff
St David's, Cardiff

Our nature strategy

We’re committed to improving biodiversity; promoting health, wellbeing and community engagement by creating green spaces; and creating nature-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Launched in March 2024, our nature strategy details our vision for nature, how we deliver it through our three core principles and the targets and guidance we’ve developed to make it possible within our development schemes and operational places. We know this will create benefits for the natural environment and for all those that live, work and play within our spaces.

To find out more about how were letting nature in click here or access our nature strategy document here.