Sustainability update

We aim to lead our industry on sustainability

By strengthening our relationships and achieving the right results we make our company more resilient.

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People furthest from the jobs market supported into work through our Community Employment Programme


Social value created through our community programmes and partnerships this year


kWh of electricity produced every year from our latest solar project at Westgate, Oxford


Costs avoided for our customers through our energy efficiency projects


Brands signed up to our ‘Refill Me’ campaign tackling single-use plastics


Total area of insect friendly and biodiverse planting at our assets

Our priorities

Our sustainability programme focuses on three key areas:


Creating jobs and opportunities

Creating jobs and opportunities not only strengthens the communities in which we operate, it also helps us to attract great people to Landsec and build a strong workforce for the future.

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Efficient use of natural resources

By using natural resources efficiently, we not only minimise our impact on the environment, but we also improve our resilience as a business and lower our costs.

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Sustainable design and innovation

Sustainable design and innovation is at the heart of our building philosophy. Making our spaces more efficient, developing in a sustainable way, and always looking for new and better ways of doing things help us deliver the very best experiences for our customers.

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