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Our Carbon Manifesto shows how we can lead the way to a lower carbon economy, with reductions across our portfolio and new development pipeline. Through it, we aim to redefine what it is to be a modern landlord. 
We will build new stakeholder relationships and reiterate our commitment as a partner for government. We recognise that we don't have all the answers, but we're ready and willing to work with others to address the emissions challenge. 


The Manifesto also outlines the progress we've made so far in this area. 


View our Carbon Manifesto

Carbon manifesto web
Carbon manifesto web

Find out more about our sustainability framework

Our Purpose

  • – Sustainable places
  • – Connecting communities
  • – Realising potential

Build well

We will design, develop and manage places to tackle climate change, enhancing the health of the environment by achieving net zero and going beyond.

Decarbonising our portfolio

We’re creating, operating and investing in low-carbon, restorative places in our transition to net zero. Find out more.

Enhancing nature and green spaces

We're enhancing green spaces and maximising the biodiversity potential of all our development and operational sites. Find out more.

Using resources efficiently

We're reducing the resources we use in our development activity, ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials, promoting reuse and circular economy principles and encouraging recycling and using water wisely. Find out more. 

Live well

We will create opportunities and inclusive places to change lives, supporting communities to thrive.

Creating opportunities and tackling local issues

We're playing our role in helping create a fairer, more inclusive economy. One that helps tackle the social inequalities specific to our local areas, and addresses the current and future skills we need as an industry. Find out more. 

Inclusive places

We're embedding inclusive behaviours into our culture and providing inclusive services for our employees, customers and suppliers. Find out more. 

Improving wellbeing

We're designing and managing buildings to enhance the health and wellbeing of those that use it and promotes productivity. Find out more. 

Act well

We will be a fair and responsible business in everything we do.

Embedding ESG

We're building strong relationships with our partners, customers, suppliers, communities and colleagues - developing plans so that everyone and every building has a role in delivering our sustainability vision. Find out more.

Do the basics brilliantly

We're committed to being a fair, responsible and ethical business in everything we do. We're creating safe and successful places and experiences and focusing on building strong, long-term relationships with our strategic suppliers – including those suppliers who employ people to work on our sites. Find out more.