Dividend information

2018/19 Dividends

  Record date Payment date PID element* Non-PID element** Total
1st Interim dividend 07 Sep 18 05 Oct 18 11.3p - 11.3p
2nd Interim dividend 30 Nov 18 04 Jan 19 11.3p - 11.3p
3rd Interim dividend 15 Mar 19 12 Apr 19 11.3p - 11.3p
Final dividend 21 June 19 25 July 19 11.65p - 11.65p

2019/20 Dividends

  Record date Payment date PID element* Non-PID element** Total
1st Interim dividend 06 Sep 19 04 Oct 19 11.6p - 11.6p
2nd Interim dividend 29 Nov 19 03 Jan 20 - - -
3rd Interim dividend 13 Mar 20 09 Apr 20 - - -
Final dividend - - - - -

* Amount Gross. The PID element of the dividend however, will be paid net of 20% withholding tax (unless a shareholder is eligible for payment of a dividend gross and completes either a Beneficial Owner Declaration of Eligibility for Gross PID Payments form or an Intermediary Declaration of Eligibility for Gross PID Payments form and sends to our registrar Equiniti) - please note that prior to 6 April 2008 the withholding tax level was 22%.

** This element of the dividend will be treated in exactly the same way as Land Securities dividends prior to becoming a REIT and in the same way as dividends received from non-REIT companies.

Dividend reinvestment plan

On 22 January 2014, we announced the ending of the scrip dividend scheme (SCRIP) and the launch of the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). Shareholders can now re-invest their cash dividend and buy more Landsec shares by electing to join the DRIP. The cash dividend will be paid entirely as a property income distribution (PID).

The DRIP gives shareholders the opportunity to reinvest their cash dividends in Land Securities Group PLC ordinary shares to purchase additional shares in the Company through a convenient, easy and cost-effective facility provided by Equiniti Financial Services Limited.

Under the DRIP, the cash dividend will be used to buy whole shares as soon after the dividend payment date as possible, with any residual cash being carried forward to the next dividend. The DRIP costs 1% commission and Stamp Duty Reserve Tax is payable at 0.5%.

DRIP terms and conditions

DRIP application form


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