Analyst consensus

  FY March 2022 FY March 2023 FY March 2024
EPRA NTA per share (p) 

Range (p)

1015 - 1067

1019 - 1143

1020 - 1207
EPRA earnings (£m)

Range (£m)

311 - 367

323 - 413

345 - 427

Range (p)

42.0 - 49.5

43.7 - 55.7

46.5 - 57.6
Dividend per share (p)

Range (p)

32.0 - 39.4

34.6 - 44.6

36.4 - 44.3
Number of estimates 16 16 15


Last updated on 06 April 2022

This analysis is a collation of forecasts which have been provided to us by registered investment analysts. Landsec has not endorsed or commented on any individual forecasts, nor do we intend to do so in future. The circulation of the consensus does not provide or imply any check on, or endorsement of, the analysts' forecasts by Landsec.

It should be noted that forecasts are by definition forward looking and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties that may materially affect eventual results. Neither Landsec nor any director, officer or employee of Landsec accepts any responsibility for the accuracy of the forecasts used in this analysis and therefore shall have no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any reliance or actions taken or not taken based on any of the information in the analysis. Nothing in this analysis should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell shares in Landsec or to take any other action or place any reliance on the analysis.

Although we will endeavour to keep this information updated, we assume no obligation to update or revise such information to reflect circumstances existing after the date hereof.


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