Creating opportunities & tackling local issues

As a significant creator of jobs across real estate, construction, customer service and retail, we have an important role in helping to create a more inclusive economy. One that helps tackle inequalities specific to our local areas and addresses the current and future skills we need. 

Landsec Futures

At Landsec, we believe increasing diversity across our industry and supporting local communities is essential to the future of the places we create. Our £20m social impact fund, Landsec Futures, is designed to empower people facing barriers with the skills and opportunities to move toward the world of work and aims to tackle socio-economic need in the local areas we serve. The fund is a 10-year commitment, allowing us to make a sustained impact in our industry and local communities.

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Social value created through our community programmes since 2019/20


People facing barriers supported towards employment since 2019/20


Landsec internships

Our six-month paid internships support people who meet social mobility criteria, in building their skills, confidence and work experience at the start of their careers.  

Rosa completed a Landsec Futures Internship in our retail team, where she worked on community events and marketing campaigns. She’s since secured a permanent role at Landsec.

“The opportunity to be part of spaces that I didn’t know existed or were open to me has helped me greatly. The support I’ve been given has made me feel welcome and capable in these spaces. I think this leads into what can be changed in the industry, which is genuine inclusion and opportunities for growth.” 

"An internship at Landsec provides you a large, connected network of support and knowledge from people with real-world experience, allowing you to gain greater insights in real estate across the UK where you will have the ability to learn much more" Kyle, Lewisham Retail Intern. 




Landsec Futures interns
Landsec Futures interns

Real Estate Bursaries 

We’re improving representation in placemaking careers across the real estate industry through financial support and mentoring. 

Our real estate bursaries provide a unique opportunity to increase the diversity of talent across the industry and in our business. We offer these in partnership with universities around the UK, available to candidates meeting social mobility criteria who are applying for specific real estate courses. Bursary recipients will be offered mentoring and employability support from Landsec volunteers to build their confidence and professional networks, before entering a career in the real estate industry. All university courses are RICS accredited.

“This bursary is extremely valuable to me and will open up many opportunities that I may not have been able to access.” Grace, Landsec scholar at University of Westminster 

Employability Partnerships 

We’re supporting local people with the skills and opportunities to enter careers in our industry through 3-year partnerships with local employability charities. 

Every three years, we open the opportunity to apply for funded grants to support charity and community partners local to our places. These three-year programmes work with people from underrepresented socio-economic backgrounds to inspire them to consider careers in real estate and help them into work.

One of our partners is Ahead Partnership, who support our school engagement programmes, which are now running in 7 different retail locations across the UK, including Glasgow, Portsmouth, Leeds, Cardiff, Oxford and Sommerset.  

Georgina Johnson, Programme Manager at Ahead Partnership said: “It is wonderful that Landsec has committed to expand its programme with us. We have worked in partnership for a number of years which has allowed us to have a fantastic impact across the country, not only on a large geographical scale, but also through sustained, long-term local engagement.“

Landsec team presents to students
Employability partnerships

Community Grants 

We’re working with our communities to address important issues through grant awards to local charities and community groups.

Bluevale Community Club is a community anchor organisation in the East End of Glasgow, that operates two community centres as well as a multi-purpose gym facility in the Haghill area, intending to improve social cohesion, mental and physical health, and provide community-based recovery in the second-most disadvantaged area in Scotland  

“It has been fantastic that our club has received this support from Buchanan Galleries. As a local charity working out of the East end of Glasgow donations like this help our club provide much needed community activities and support,“ Kenny Trainer, Project Manager at Bluevale Community Club Community said. “Grants are available for local charities to increase funding for challenges specific to our local communities. These unrestricted grants of up to £3,000 are designed to support not-for-profit organisations with daily activities.“ 

Landsec team holds community grant for buchanan galleries
Community grants