Keeping visitors safe at our retail destinations

We’re working hard to ensure we follow all government guidelines and will be thorough with our approach to cleanliness and hygiene. Safety is our top priority. 

A number of our centres have stayed open throughout Covid-19, as they house essential shops such as supermarkets and pharmacies, and have maintained a safe and hygienic environment for guests throughout this time. We’re now applying these standards across all our retail destinations as we prepare to welcome back guests to ensure that they feel safe whilst visiting us. 

Bluewater opening
Reopening Bluewater, Kent

Here’s some of the measures we’ll be taking:

  • Hand sanitiser points will be located throughout centres
  • One-way systems will be introduced in malls to ensure social distancing can be maintained and capacity will be limited 
  • No stopping zones will be introduced at a small number of points within mall areas to ensure social distancing can be maintained 
  • A queuing system will be introduced for entry to centres, to ensure social distancing can be maintained 
  • All centre staff will be provided with masks 
  • Signs and floor stickers will help remind guests to keep a safe distance apart

We’re looking forward to welcoming our guests back and will be fully compliant with government guidance at all times."

Jamie Taylor

Head of property operations


Further information

All of our retail sites have websites where guests can check which stores are open and view a full list of FAQs.

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