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Dividend Information

2016/17 Dividends

  Record date Payment date PID element* Non-PID element** Total
1st Interim dividend 9 Sep 16 07 Oct 16 8.95p - 8.95p
2nd Interim dividend 02 Dec 16 06 Jan 17 - 8.95p 8.95p
3rd Interim dividend 10 Mar 17 07 Apr 17 8.95p - 8.95p
Final dividend *** 23 Jun 17 27 Jul 17 11.7p - 11.7p

* Amount Gross. The PID element of the dividend however, will be paid net of 20% withholding tax (unless a shareholder is eligible for payment of a dividend gross and completes either a Beneficial Owner Declaration of Eligibility for Gross PID Payments form or an Intermediary Declaration of Eligibility for Gross PID Payments form and sends to our registrar Equiniti) - please note that prior to 6 April 2008 the withholding tax level was 22%.

** This element of the dividend will be treated in exactly the same way as Land Securities dividends prior to becoming a REIT and in the same way as dividends received from non-REIT companies.

*** Recommend subject to approval at 2017 AGM.