Who we are

Land Securities Properties Limited (company number 961477) whose registered office is at 100 Victoria Street London SW1E 5JL and ICO registration number Z5806812.

What personal data may be collected?

Filming of events

Cameras within Piccadilly Circus may be used to film live events or interactions near Piccadilly Circus to be displayed on the screen at Piccadilly Lights. This is for the legitimate interests of the organisation that is running its marketing campaign and promotion using the screen.

Generally, filming from and directed to the Piccadilly Lights screen is not recorded or retained, or shown anywhere but the Piccadilly Lights screen. However, there may also be representatives from Land Securities or from the organisation running a promotion on the ground near Piccadilly Lights to video record an event and the public’s reactions to it, and this content may be shared on Social Media for legitimate interests to promote a marketing campaign or to promote Piccadilly Lights.

The information will be held and be retained by each for the period reasonably necessary to fulfil their purposes or as otherwise permitted or required under contract or law.


For information about wifi data collection at Piccadilly Lights, please see our Wifi User Privacy Notice.

Your Rights

For more information or to exercise a right, please contact dataprotection@landsec.com.

For information about your data rights or your right to complain to complain to the UK regulator, please visit: https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters.