Bluewater, Kent
Bluewater, Kent

Bluewater, Kent

Shopping is an experience at this beautifully designed centre in north Kent. It opened in 1999 and, with our help, continues to be one of the best retail and leisure destinations in Europe.

When it launched, Bluewater’s design blazed a trail for retail spaces and it is still in a class of its own today. The complex is split into three parts, each with its own theme and atmosphere, offering distinct retail and leisure experiences.

It remains relevant today because we continue to invest in it for the people who visit, the community it serves and the wider environment.

Continuing a tradition of great management

When we took on the management of the centre in 2014, we inherited a hugely successful cinema, as well as shopping and eating choices to rival anywhere in Europe. There’s also a pirate adventure park and even a place for young teens to learn to drive.

These things matter, but a truly great shopping experience needs more. That’s why we keep the retail and food choices fresh and exciting by actively managing around 20 new openings each year.

This makes it highly relevant within its catchment area. We’re always looking to innovate and progress at Bluewater, so 2017 will see the addition of four new cinema screens, three restaurants and two new leisure attractions.

There’s a total focus on delivering an outstanding retail and leisure experience for our guests.

Turning visitors into guests

It’s not only the shops themselves that our guests like so much – it’s the whole experience Bluewater offers.

Our staff are trained as hosts and our visitors are treated as our guests – whether they are families, friends or fashionistas. This means we listen to them too. Our ‘Share your thoughts’ campaign encourages feedback, and we make sure it translates into action.

The inspiration for the recent restyle of our baby-changing facility came directly from our visitors. We’ve had several thousand mums and dads tell us, in person and on social media, how much they appreciate the new decor and extra features like dimmed overhead lights that don’t shine brightly in babies’ eyes.

It’s no wonder that 95% of visitors have a positive experience, and the average visitor returns 27 times a year – that’s once a fortnight, all year round.

Imaginative environmentalism

We deliver not just for our guests, but for the environment too. Our biodiversity management strategy at Bluewater safeguards 17 protected species of plants and animals.

A recent overhaul of the roof ventilation system has significantly reduced the need for air conditioning. The roof vents, which look like Kentish oast houses, now draw in fresh air to ventilate the malls saving £100,000 a year on running costs.

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Bluewater is the same size as Regent's Park


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Creating jobs for the community

Many of the people you’ll see at Bluewater don’t come just for the retail or leisure experiences. Between 7,000 and 10,000 individuals work there, depending on the time of year.

It’s important to us that as many local people as possible enjoy rewarding careers at our centre. So we’re working with North Kent College and the Department for Work and Pensions to train local people and find them retail work.

One way we do this is through The Learning Shop, our on-site recruitment and training.

Over the last 18 years, The Learning Shop has found work for 48,000 people, trained more than 21,000 and awarded more than 15,000 qualifications. 40% of those who benefit are from the immediate area, and 85% are from north Kent – so it’s good news for the beneficiaries and the wider community alike.

It is noticeable how many jobs are being created in Dartford and in retail, and I very much congratulate what Bluewater has done."

David Cameron

Then-PM during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons, October 2014

The difference is clear

Bluewater is aptly named. In the way that it continues to set the standards in what it offers, together with its focus on sustainability and local communities, we’ve helped create clear blue water between the centre and the competition, ensuring it will continue to thrive in the decades to come.

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