At Landsec we believe that people make places and that those people shouldn’t be defined by where they were born or live, or by any barriers they may face. Our goal is for our business to be synonymous with enabling social mobility and creating opportunities for all people from all backgrounds. 

Over the years we have developed our four community programmes to help us deliver on our ambitions to support people furthest from the jobs market into employment, create opportunities for young people, enable our staff to champion causes that are important to them and engage with local charities.

This year for the first time we measured the difference we are making to people, communities and society. Measuring our impact in this way tells us which of our activities add the most value, meaning we can do more in the years ahead. We set a new commitment to drive our performance, to create £25m of social value through our community programmes by 2025. 

For more information on the social value we’re creating read our 2019 Social Contribution report.

Landsec Social Value

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