Sustainable design & innovation

Great design creates the best experience for our customers

It increases efficiency and encourages people to spend time in our spaces. This is good for our customers, communities and partners – and therefore good for us. The right design also allows buildings to be flexible across their lifespan, enabling them to adapt to changing customer needs. This is why innovation in design is critical – it means our developments can be fit for the future from the moment they open their doors.

Our approach to sustainable design

Our focus for the past ten years has been on building strong foundations: achieving energy and water efficiency, green building certification and low carbon emissions. However, climate change is affecting the way buildings and businesses operate. Cities are rapidly losing green space. As these factors converge, we need to up our game – which is why we’ve been exploring how we can make our developments even better. Our solution centres on two areas: foundations and features. We divide our approach in this way so our partners understand our reasoning.

Foundations are the actions that can build our credibility. They’re typically not visible to end customers, but they’re vitally important to achieve our sustainability ambitions. Our foundations include diversity, waste and sourcing materials from ethical supply chains.

The actions that are visible to the end customer – things like community employment and wellbeing. These bring clear benefits to end customers and the wider community. And because they’re so tangible, they make our developments even more desirable. They’re our community employment programme, our commitment to renewable energy and our green spaces.

Both are about creating the best destinations in which to shop, live and work. By investing our time, our thinking and our efforts in sustainable design we make our assets better and we make our business stronger.

Our Sustainability Brief addresses this new way of working and it centres around creating jobs and opportunities, efficient use of natural resources and sustainable design and innovation. We’ll use the brief to set the tone for all our future developments.

It’s our way of showing our commitment to sustainable design – and we’ll use it to create even better assets and experiences.

Sustainable development process, Landsec

Innovation makes us stronger

We think every development should be a learning opportunity, so we encourage our teams and you to try something new, every time.

It could be a new product, a revolutionary type of material or an innovative service solution. And we think the best innovations are the ones that can be replicated for other developments. Or better still, those that can be retrofitted or used in other parts of our portfolio.

We know that some innovations are liable to fail – but that’s an important part of the innovation process. We’ll always track and measure the success of innovations through the sustainability plan.

To help us to create spaces that will be desirable, flexible and efficient for decades to come – and will withstand the changes brought about by climate change – we focus on: resilience, materials, biodiversity, and wellbeing.


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