Aiming for the UK’s first net zero carbon commercial development

We’re ambitious about our plans for The Forge in Southwark; in fact, we're aiming for the new 139,000 sq ft development to be the UK’s first net zero carbon commercial building. This means the building will be both constructed and operated in line with the UK’s Green Building Council’s (UKGBC) framework definition of net zero carbon buildings. 

The Forge is a ground-breaking development and testament to Landsec’s desire to tackle the climate crisis head-on. Developers, construction firms, architects and occupiers must start working together at scale to deliver buildings like this that minimise whole life carbon and contribute to meaningful progress in the battle against climate change."

Julie Hirigoyen

UKGBC chief executive

Innovate UK funding

The Forge will be one of the most innovative construction sites in the capital and we’ll be pioneering with our construction methods. That’s why – in partnership with tech-led design practice Bryden Wood, and design development and prototyping company Easi-Space – we’ve been awarded funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to deliver the world’s first ever office building using a platform-led approach to design and construction.

The Forge Block A entrance

A platform-led approach

The platform system, known as P-DfMA (Platform for Design, Manufacture and Assembly), consists of a set of components that can be efficiently combined to produce highly customised structures. The system is based on repeatable processes and standardised connections, enabling different kinds of spaces to be built with just a single 'kit of parts'. The new approach has been identified by the government as essential to the transformation of the construction sector.

A successful trial

In partnership with Bryden Wood and Easi-Space, we recently completed a research and development project. The trial proved:

  • Construction accuracy levels can be improved dramatically while using multi-skilled labour teams and automated assembly processes
  • Construction productivity improved by 55%
  • Delivery time reduced by 30%
  • Cost savings are expected to reach 33% when compared to traditional construction techniques

The result is a structure that uses less material, creates less waste, and has a 19.4% reduction in carbon impact.

The Forge

We’ll be putting this into practice at our new development, The Forge. The new development, set behind Tate Modern, will be the world’s first large scale office building designed and constructed using the 'kit of parts' solution built on a P-DfMA structural frame. 

The Forge Block B entrance