Actions that we’ve undertaken to help contribute to building a fairer society

Back in the summer our CEO, Mark Allan, spoke about the importance of standing in solidarity with our black colleagues, customers and communities following the senseless killing of George Floyd. Today, he wanted to share an update on the actions we’ve taken so far.

"Listed below are a number of actions that we’ve undertaken to help contribute to building a fairer society. Expressing solidarity was our first step. Our second step was to identify meaningful actions to help us embark on real change. We conducted an internal review into the progress we’re making towards our goals and the effectiveness of our actions in reaching these goals. 

"Following this review, we have completed the following: 

  1. Signed the Involve open letter – committing to report on our progress on black inclusion more transparently going forwards, as part of our annual report
  2. Carried out the Investing in Ethnicity Audit
  3. Signed the Race at Work Charter
  4. Launched our internal cross network inclusion allies programme

"In addition to the above, we’re also looking at developing a reverse mentoring programme involving members of our Diaspora network and senior leaders.

"Landsec are committed to ending the cycle of exclusion within our society and cementing diversity and inclusion at the core of our business. We know these are small steps and we’re committed to doing more, but we believe these actions will help galvanise our efforts and build on our aspiration to be caring, open and progressive."

Mark Allan 
Chief Executive