Our employees

At Landsec, we aim to create a high-performance environment where each of our circa 600 colleagues can see clearly how they contribute to, and benefit from, Landsec’s success.

Our employees

Experience matters, so we help our talented people to develop their expertise, knowledge and skills and increase their contribution and impact. 

Employee Forum

Our Employee Forum is an independent and volunteer body made up of a group of Landsec employees that aims to represent all areas of the business. The forum is committed to improving life at Landsec for colleagues and act as the communication link between employees and senior leadership. Key topics of focus include: Employee engagement survey & corporate culture

  • Employee communication strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Workplace health, safety and wellbeing
  • Talent management & training
  • Financial performance
  • Organisational strategy, including significant change
  • Legislation and policy
  • Remuneration and benefits.


Our Code of Conduct

Our employee Code of Conduct sets out how we behave internally and externally, in line with our purpose, values and behaviours. The code is not just about providing access to a set of policies but a statement of how we will behave and how we will treat our customers and the communities where we work. It makes it easy for our people to make the right decisions and to know what it means to live our values. 


Employee health and wellbeing

Just as we provide places that support the wellbeing of our customers and guests, we also ensure we protect the wellbeing of our own people. This year, we have continued to build on the broad range of benefits offered for social, financial, mental and physical wellbeing, by arranging sessions such as healthy lifestyle webinars and creating a financial wellbeing partnership to provide financial education and financial peace of mind. 

We continue to respect and encourage the need for balance in all aspects of life, by supporting initiatives such our first Work Life Balance group, created by our Regeneration Development Team to gauge thoughts and feelings, and gather suggestions of things we could do to create the most effective work-life balance.

In recognition of supporting families better during their most challenging periods, we have a policy for colleagues going through pregnancy loss, with paid time off, and improved our policy on compassionate leave, which recognises the importance of close relationships outside of immediate family. We also have comprehensive guidelines on how to support colleagues through loss or bereavement, to equip our workforce to do this in the best way.

Our team of employee mental health first aiders are trained to support and signpost colleagues to the right help including:

  • Spotting the triggers and signs of mental health issues in fellow colleagues
  • Having the confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress
  • Using non-judgemental listening skills and knowledge to ensure our employees are guided to the support they need.

In addition we have a mental health app, ‘Thrive’, for all employees and monthly mental health first aid lunches called ‘Time for You’, where our first aiders openly share their experiences and expertise.

Developing a diverse business

Having a diverse workforce at all levels of our company will ensure we make better decisions – for our business and for our stakeholders. We believe that employing a diverse mix of people makes us a stronger and more sustainable business, and one that reflects the diverse society around us.

We consider diversity in the broadest sense, including in terms of gender, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic background, disability and sexuality. We also value and encourage diversity of thought, perspective and experience. Find out more on our diversity commitments and progress here.


At Landsec, we aim to support our communities to thrive by empowering people facing significant barriers into the world of work and addressing local issues. 

As part of our commitment to our communities, we encourage all Landsec employees to use their time, skills and expertise through our volunteering programme.  Our volunteering policy gives our colleagues the opportunity to take four working days each year to have a positive impact in our local communities, while developing their own skills. Volunteering is an important part of our culture at Landsec and we want to empower everyone to get involved.

Our volunteering opportunities have included:

  • Enhancing the employability skills of serving prisoners and ex-offenders
  • Providing and served food for people experiencing homelessness
  • Delivering numerous community projects for ex-offenders, women’s charities, homelessness charities and young people.