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Change in presentation of segmental financial information

19 October 2020

To support our new strategy announced today, we are changing the way we report financial information, both internally and externally. This new structure better reflects the way in which the business is now being managed. We'll continue to report externally on the total Combined Portfolio, as we did for the 31 March 2020 year end. However, instead of analysing the Combined Portfolio between our Office, Retail and Specialist assets, it will now be analysed between four segments: Central London, Regional retail, Urban opportunities and Subscale sectors. The Group’s segmental information will also now be presented in a format which reflects these changes.

For reference, the presentation of the segmental information and Combined Portfolio Analysis for the March 2020 and September 2019 financial results have been revised to reflect the four new segments for comparative purposes. The unaudited revised presentation and a reconciliation to the previously presented financial information can be found on our website